Sunday, March 24, 2013

Build a Winning Team

A winning team is focused, with a precise plan for building a business with the full support of great individuals. However, most new entrepreneurs are bogged down by a plan that keeps changing as you search every avenue desperately seeking what works? Are you in control of your business?

Or, does it feel like your business is controlling every aspect of your life?

Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and isolated. Perhaps you left corporate America feeling flush with enthusiasm to apply your core talent to your own business. When you started that business, you fully understood that to earn your desired income required that you capture X number of clients per week; and you had to commit your time to that number of hours per week marketing your services. Right on!!

But, what has really happened? When you clocked your hours at work, did you find a third of your time constricted to business logistical activities? Saturday nights—bookkeeping, Sunday nights—updating the website, then rising extra early on week days to manage marketing strategies, client base, and on and on, and then a light bulb came on and suddenly you realized, “With all the hats I’m wearing, how would I ever find the time to work effectively with  new clients if they did come to me now?”

How in the world do you change this situation? For starters, re-visit this question:

“What did I get into business to do? If I am charging $200/hour for my services, why am I spending 9 hours/week on administrative tasks that I could hire a Virtual Assistant at $30.00/hour to manage for me? At my hourly rate, that would free up 9 hours where I could generate $1,800.” Voila! Now you are starting to think team building strategy. So, what’s the next step? Who do you hire first?

Build a Virtual A team and have:

* Administrative, technical, and marketing requirements in the hands of experts

* Reduction of overhead expenses

* Increased time to see more clients and grow the bottom line

The entrepreneur who develops an effective team enjoys greater time, freedom, flexibility, and profitability because effective team development produces:

A well-developed team operates for the benefit of the entrepreneur so that you the entrepreneur can:

· Spend more time doing what you     love, and less time managing people
· Stay accountable to your goals and achieve them
· Convert more prospects to clients and increase profits
· Create exposure and enjoy greater visibility for your business

Find the right package that builds your business. 

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